What do the Experts Say About HECS®?

Learn what the experts have to say about our innovative technology designed to get you closer to the animals.

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Expert-approved to get you closer than ever

HECS® Stealthscreen fans include a wide array of global professionals including hunters, filmmakers, photographers, wildlife enthusiasts, spear fishermen, and wildlife/marine biologists. Getting ultra-close to wildlife and staying safe while doing so is an essential part of their mission – all know the HECS® advantage first hand. They’d all have one question for you: Why aren’t you utilizing HECS® Stealthscreen technology, too?

With hundreds of thousands of units sold, HECS® technology is now considered a “must have” technology for anyone who needs to get close and stay undetected by game animals.
“Bottom line, our energy is given off to animals. They respond to it, but HECS® garments can control this sixth sense.”

John Dudley

John Dudley has a long career in archery beginning with hunting whitetail deer at the age of 10. Since then he has had 45 career top 3 professional finishes, and works to help others achieve their archery goals. John continues to hunt and believes in the power of HECS® technology to get him closer to wildlife:

“I went overboard and harvested 34 coyotes and 3 bobcats, making a total of 100 coyotes and 3 bobcats that I delivered to my fur buyer by the end of January…I could not have done this without the use of your product, the HECS® Stealth Suit. A super product. It’s comfortable, reliable, and most of all, it works!
Jim Walker

Professional Hunter from Burns, Oregon

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