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HECS® Hunting Apparel

HECS® has established a name for itself among outdoorsmen, and this includes hunters. That’s why HECS® Hunting has a line of products that are geared for them. Our patented technology gives you a new and unique experience when you’re out in the wild. Our hunting apparel is designed to block the electrical energy your body puts out. Since animals can sense this electrical energy, HECS® has come up with a way that prevents them from sensing it. All of our hunting camouflage features this unique technology.

This doesn’t make you invisible though. Instead, it makes you appear as an inanimate object to the wildlife. They can still sense your movement and scent. But the benefit to them not detecting your electrical energy is that they’ll act a lot more naturally in their habitat.

How does it work?

When your heart beats and your muscles move, you’re putting off electrical energy that fish, birds and mammals can detect. We use a carbon grid, much like the one you’d find on a microwave door, and weave it into our fabric. This alone effectively blocks the electrical signals your body puts off.

Along with our patented technology, our hunting apparel checks-off the things you’d want in outdoor clothing. They’re breathable, lightweight and machine washable. Our flexible fabric also gives you a full range of motion while you’re hunting.

If you’re an avid hunter looking for new gear, don’t look past HECS®. The concept of preventing your electrical signals being detected by wildlife is a revolutionary approach, and HECS® is proud to be behind it.

With HECS®, you’ll experience the outdoors like you never have before.