Best Bear Hunting Camo

If you are lucky enough to have a bear tag for this season, you’ll want to make sure everything is perfect and you fill your tag. Hunting bears is no easy feat, and HECS® camouflage clothing is just what you need to ensure your hunt is successful.

How can HECS® Camo improve my Bear Hunt?

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When it comes to bear hunting, a lot of hunters understand the patience, skill, and knowledge it takes to stalk and take down one of these large mammals successfully. Like all mammals, bears have a keen sense of their surroundings, which is why hunting them takes skill and a tactical approach. However, there’s a new camouflage option that every hunter can benefit from. HECS® Stealthscreen gives hunters a totally new experience in the wild. With our exclusive, patented technology, you’ll be able to block the electrical signals your body puts off, providing an advantage unlike anything else. This sensory barrier can be the difference between you filling your bear tag and ending your hunt empty-handed.

There are four kinds of bears in North American that can be hunted, three of which are legal in the United States. Whether you plan on taking a spring bear just out of hibernation or waiting to harvest one this fall, scouting for your prey is how a good hunt starts.

Bears use more than their sight, sense of smell and hearing to interact with their surroundings, so wearing camouflage clothing just isn’t enough. Any hunter regardless of their experience wants to bring home a kill. In order to effectively scout for your bear, you have to be undetectable. Every living, breathing animal emits electromagnetic radiation, or EMRs. This energy is what identifies a person as a threat to the animals. By preventing this energy from escaping, you are not perceived as a threat to wildlife.

Even in what is perceived as densely populated habitats, for many hunters, just spotting a bear in the wild is a phenomenal accomplishment. With this elusive big-game animal, how can hunters, especially those with their first bear tag, hope to bag this predator? HECS® hunting clothes are more technologically advanced than any other shielding equipment on the market because our fabric blocks the electromagnetic radiation (EMRs) that all bodies emit. Each piece of our outdoor clothing does more than help you blend into your surroundings, it actually camouflages you by blocking your EMRs.

Bears are hunted in a variety of ways, such as baiting, spot and stalk, and with dogs. In a baiting scenario, the hunter commonly sets up in a tree stand or on the ground using a blind at approximately 20-30 yards from the bait. Without HECS® clothing, a hunter must be very still and quiet because bears are known to be extremely aware of their surroundings, so they’ll typically circle around and check out the area extensively before going for the bait. Up in the extremely remote areas of Canada, this type of behavior isn’t prevalent since they have no fear for humans.

Spot and stalk is the practice where you see a bear feeding at a distance and the hunter attempts to sneak in close enough for a shot. This is extremely difficult because bears are super aware of their surroundings. One of the most valuable tools a bear has is its acute sense of smell. Hunters have to be aware of the direction of the wind when hunting bears. If a bear picks up on it, it will run away.

The Advantages of Bear Hunting with HECS® Camo

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In a baiting situation with HECS® camo, bears are typically a lot more relaxed, so they won’t circle around and scope out the area as much as they do when your electrical signals aren’t blocked. Also, the hunter can get away with more movement and not spook the bear.

The same goes for spot and stalk. The bear is much calmer, so even if it does notice the hunter approaching, it is much more likely to just look for a couple of seconds and ignore the hunter, because the hunter is not perceived as a threat. HECS® has put this to the test. Just check out our videos to see for yourself.

However, the bear’s nose is still in play, and there is nothing that can beat that if the wind is not right, but there’s no doubt that HECS® gives you an advantage. 

How Does HECS® Bear Hunting camouflage work?

Our team of researchers and scientists have worked to learn more about the science of animals. The focus has been on how all animals, birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, and fish, live and interact within their environment through their highly developed ability to sense and see electromagnetic patterns.

Mammals’ ability to see or sense EMFs (electromotive forces) isn’t completely understood. Through research, we understand that birds have the ability to see the Earth’s magnetic fields. Birds have a protein in their eye (Cry4) which allows them to physically see the magnetic fields which help them know which way to fly and navigate the globe.

When it comes to mammals, we don’t know what their senses pick up in regard to electromagnetic fields. However, we are sure that they have some sense when it comes to EMFs. One of the more popular theories with mammals sensing EMFs is the conductive element magnetite that exists in their brains. This wouldn’t make the conductive molecules visible like the Cryptochrome molecules in birds do. Science is still gaining an understanding of the mechanics, but there is no doubt with animal experts that they have the ability to sense electromagnetic signals.

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Start off bear season the right way with HECS® hunting camo and our Stealthscreen technology. We have the exact gear you need. We carry camouflage suits, base layers, head covers and gloves, which all feature our patented, carbon-grid technology to block the electrical signals your body emits when it moves.