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When it comes to deer hunting, a lot of hunters understand how much patience it takes to stalk and take down one of these mammals. HECS® makes all the difference with our patented, carbon-grid technology that’s woven into all of our fabrics.

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Deer Hunting with HECS® Camouflage

When it comes to deer hunting, the benefits that HECS® gear provides you is too great to be ignored. Like all mammals, deer and antelope have an excellent sense of their surroundings, and that’s why it takes a great deal of strategy and patience when hunting them. With HECS® gear, the hunter is allotted a little more room for error. Our patented technology is efficient in blocking the electrical signals your body puts off, which mammals can pick up on easily. HECS® is going to change the way you hunt!

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The Advantage of Deer Hunting with HECS® Camo

HECS® Stealthscreen can make a huge difference. When the wind and other conditions are right, and you get that deer in close, a hunter wearing HECS® will typically see a more relaxed animal and they tend to stay in the area for a longer period of time. If they do spot the hunter and he/she stays still and remains quiet, the animal might give them a look for 30 to 60 seconds but then go back to their normal activities, allowing for a closer stalk or better shot opportunities.

Hunters have been putting HECS® technology to the test for over 10 years and we have plenty of video footage to show the effectiveness of HECS®!

Get your HECS® Stealthscreen gear in time for your next deer or antelope adventure and experience the HECS® advantage for yourself.

It’s More than Cutting-Edge Technology, It’s HECS®

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Bring Your A-Game to Your Next Deer Hunt with HECS® Camo

You can improve your deer hunt with HECS® Stealthscreen. Any uncovered piece of your body will put out EMRs. With hunting gear from HECS®, you can cancel out your EMRs. We provide camouflage suits, headcovers and gloves that feature our carbon grid technology for your deer hunt.

Get your HECS® Stealthscreen gear in time for deer season.

HECS® — it will change the way you hunt!