The Best Elk Hunting Camo Has HECS® Technology

Whether you have been hunting elk most of your life or you’re a novice, getting as close as possible to these magnificent animals is the thrill of a lifetime. Getting the best opportunity to fill your freezer is also a great side benefit! HECS® patented technology, coupled with our elk hunting camo patterns, yields concealment on two levels — visual and electronic. Our hunting camouflage clothing and accessories are specially designed to help you get closer to animals and stay undetected in a way that was simply not possible before the discovery of HECS® technology.

The proven technological advantage of HECS® elk hunting camouflage clothing is that it blocks the electrical emission from your body. Elk use these signals to differentiate between living beings and inanimate ones, so when using HECS® you can stay concealed on multiple levels.


HECS® Elk Hunting Camo Is the Edge You Need for a Better Hunt

Bull elk are one the most majestic and iconic animals in the United States. The magic of hearing the unmistakable bugle of a giant bull echoing up from a deep canyon will send chills through the most seasoned hunter. Preparation is a key component of any elk hunt and the simple logistics involved can be a bit overwhelming to first time elk hunters. Also, elk are very secretive animals, and if spooked by humans, will routinely travel 5 to 10 miles in their escape. During scouting trips, this fact needs to be front and center in the hunters’ mind as they try to locate the animals and learn their habits. Utilizing the patented technology in HECS® elk hunting clothing while you’re scouting helps keep the overall disruption caused by your movements to a minimum and keeps all the animals of the forest much calmer, allowing you to get in and back out with as small of an impact as possible to the elk.

Because HECS® technology blocks your electrical energy output, you are viewed more as an inanimate object by wildlife and mostly ignored. Adding HECS® hunting camo can be a huge advantage when used for pre-season scouting to keep your footprint to a minimum and ensure the elk you’ve scouted will still be there when the season opens.

HECS® technology is incorporated in all HECS® hunting camo clothing systems and is quickly becoming one of the most highly sought equipment advantages because it performs as advertised and exceeds any expectations. Our gear can’t make you a better hunter, but it can allow you to get closer to wild animals, paving the way for that high percentage shot at the bull of your dreams.

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Why Is Elk Hunting Season Popular?

Why do so many people participate in the elk hunting season? Besides being one of the most majestic and challenging animals on the planet, elk meat is leaner than beef and chicken and contains more protein. It is cherished among big-game hunters because it’s more flavorful than deer, and an adult elk yields around 200-250 pounds of pure meat. Wild meat is clean and truly organic, because herds graze in the wild in large open meadows, on pesticide-free plants. No matter if you are a bow hunter or use a rifle, elk are incredibly difficult to hunt successfully.

All HECS® clothing and accessories have revolutionary technology woven into the fabric, so when you are wearing a HECS® camouflage system, you are encapsulated by an energy-blocking conductive carbon grid that helps the game to stay calm while you close the distance for that slam dunk shot. In most states, an elk hunter’s success rate is under 20 percent. Be on the right side of those statistics by wearing HECS® clothing and hunting apparel.

Specially Designed Elk Hunting Camo Patterns

Elk are true survivors and inhabit some of the most rugged and inhospitable places in the United States and Canada. They are extremely intelligent and have evolved to survive in large numbers, despite being preyed upon daily by apex predators, such as wolves, bears, cougars and seasonally by man. Their senses are honed to a razor’s edge and they are legendary at fooling even the most experienced hunter. The cards are certainly stacked in the elk’s favor right from the start, but if you want a secret ace-in-the-hole, you should be using HECS® elk hunting technology. Our clothing contains a patented and proven grid of conductive carbon yarn woven in a specific pattern to block your body’s electrical emissions from your heart rate and especially muscle movement. Elk can sense the electrical emissions from all living beings in their environment and they use them to identify living beings from inanimate objects. This, coupled with the visual concealment of our proprietary new HECStyle elk hunting camo print, provides the hunter with two levels of concealment, which makes HECS® twice as effective as any other hunting clothing on the market.

Our new digital camo patterns will help you blend into your visual surroundings while significantly decreasing your detectability on the electrical spectrum. You still need to use sound elk hunting tactics, but when you do get close to that bull of a lifetime, the HECS® advantage will help keep all the animals in the area calmer, which in turns give you the best opportunity to close the deal.

HECS® camo clothing systems can provide you with a critical edge when it comes to elk hunting, regardless of where you hunt or what subspecies you pursue.

It’s not just camo… It’s true camo!…It’s HECS!

It’s More than Cutting-Edge Technology, It’s HECS®

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What Makes HECS® Clothing the Best Elk Hunting Camouflage?

You may ask yourself, how does HECS® elk hunting camo actually work?  Well in a nutshell, all living beings emit electrical energy through heart rate and muscle movement. This output identifies living beings and movement from inanimate ones. HECS® technology is more than just a visual camo pattern. Our specially designed camouflage fabric contains a patented electrically conductive carbon grid woven into the fabric. Much like the grid in your microwave oven door, this patented grid is sized and shaped to block your body’s natural electrical emissions, providing not only visual concealment, but electrical concealment as well. Our hunting camo blocks the electrical impulses and signals, so you appear inanimate to wild animals. By blocking these fields, the hunter gains a significant advantage that was never available before HECS®.

There is a lot to learn about elk hunting, which any big game hunter in the United State and Canada can tell you. As scientific research furthers our understanding of the behavior of these awesome creatures, HECS® has been able to use that knowledge and apply it towards our patented Stealthscreen technology. Hunters the world over are raving about our advantages, and you will too once you see the HECS® effect for yourself.

When you’re wearing our elk hunting clothing, you will notice calmer game. You will also be able to get away with more movement, and this will help you get closer to the game, which in turn aids in getting those ultra-close shooting situations we all dream about. Whether you are using a firearm or a bow, getting close enough for an ethical one shot kill is the ultimate goal.

HECS® Stealthscreen is truly the most advantageous clothing investment a hunter can make. Whether you use HECS® by itself or in conjunction with your other gear, on top or as an underlayer, HECS® technology will add a missing piece that you never knew existed and will help keep your freezers full this winter.

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With the advantage that comes from wearing HECS® elk hunting camo clothing, you will appear more like an inanimate object to wildlife, and even the slow movements of raising your gun or drawing your bow will be much more possible. Similar to a branch blowing in the wind, you’re not perceived as a threat. This is simply not possible without HECS® Stealthscreen technology! Our clothing and accessories are truly the biggest advantage for an elk hunter who wants to increase their success. Practice, time, expensive equipment, high-powered guns, and bows that cost a fortune cannot guarantee that you will have a successful hunt. Getting closer to the animal isn’t the only factor when hunting elk — its’s all about concealing your movement and being ignored in that moment of truth. Fortunately, HECS® hunting systems and elk hunting camouflage clothing can help you solve many of these issues, making your dream of a trophy bull much closer to a reality.