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Most hunters tag-out within the first two weeks of the turkey hunting season, which still leaves plenty of time to bag a few birds to keep in the freezer! The best way to make the most of your season is to wear HECS® camouflage gear. Our turkey hunting camo blocks the electromagnetic signal all living bodies emit, making you virtually invisible to animals.     

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How Can HECS® Camo make your Turkey Hunt more successful?

Whether you are hunting an Eastern turkey or a Merriam’s turkey, the advantages that HECS® camouflage suits provide you are too insurmountable to be ignored. Turkeys have keen senses and can see up to five times better in timber than you can. Additionally, birds pick up EMF (electromotive force) signals, and this is another defense mechanism that makes them more difficult to hunt. HECS® gear and turkey hunting camo give you an advantage when hunting because our unique, patented technology blocks the electric emissions your body puts off. This is key when it comes to turkey hunting because it enables you to get close to your prey while remaining undetected. Get a clean shot with our hunting camouflage clothing.  

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Turkey Hunting Camouflage Done Right – HECS® Pro Tips


As far as wild animals go, turkeys are intelligent and aware of humans. With their keen eyesight, they’re very cautious creatures and they’re able to detect even the smallest amount of movement. Turkeys are also, by nature, a very wary bird. These attributes make hunting them fun and an incredible challenge. Because of their sharp eyes, turkey hunting camouflage is a necessity, and we mean full-suit camo, such as gloves, hat, boots and a mask. HECS® Stealthscreen doesn’t only provide you with adequate camouflage, but it blocks EMFs from being seen by turkeys. 

Besides the animal’s skittish nature and inherent behavior, the next item you have to overcome when hunting turkey is their habitat. Ideal turkey habitat is diverse and will need to contain shelter, like large trees to roost in, adequate food to support the rafter, and a source of water. Some turkeys thrive in dense timber, while other rafters prefer wide-open plains. Either way, you’re going to have to get close to guarantee a successful shot. 

Hunting without HECS® Stealthscreen is more difficult and requires a lot of patience and strategy. For example, making sure you’re covered (hidden), and getting in a ready position creates a lot of noise, so you must do your best to minimize your movement and stay quiet. The methods and tricks that have worked in years past may prove obsolete this season, forcing you to develop an entirely new strategy, which can be frustrating in the middle of a hunt. Bear in mind, conditions can change day-by-day, adding new elements to deal with. HECS® turkey hunting camo gives you an advantage because our technology allows you to get closer to the animals without being perceived as a threat. Without HECS®, it’s still common for the turkey to spot the hunter even when they don’t move at all. 

This is the big difference with HECS® Stealthscreen — when your electrical emissions are blocked, the bird only sees the hunter as an inanimate object and slow movement is possible. Without HECS®, even the slightest movement simply isn’t possible without alerting the turkeys to your presence.

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What Is HECS® Stealthscreen?

HECS® Stealthscreen is truly the biggest advantage for a turkey hunter when they want to increase their success. Practice, time, expensive equipment, high-powered guns, and bows that cost a fortune cannot guarantee that you will have a successful hunt. When it comes to turkey hunting, getting closer to the bird isn’t the only factor here. It’s all about concealing your movement as you get closer, staying invisible in plain sight. 

Turkeys pick up on your movements extremely well, and this is what plagues most hunters. With HECS® turkey hunting camo and gear, the electrical signals your body puts off when it moves are blocked, creating the sensory barrier you need to get close enough to your prey and hunt animals efficiently without being detected. Our outdoor camo clothing does more than help you blend into your surroundings; it actually camouflages you by blocking your electromagnetic radiation (EMRs). Your time spent in nature becomes more efficient when you’re hunting at a closer range, knowing you’re not a disturbance to the birds or their environment. Every hunter owes it to their prey to kill with speed and dignity, and HECS® turkey hunting camouflage can help you achieve that. 

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HECS® camo and gear is designed and made for hunters, by hunters. We know the emotions, planning and equipment that goes into every hunt, which is why we set out to create a product that will improve your experience. You can have a much more successful season this year with HECS® turkey hunting camouflage clothing. Any uncovered piece of your body will put out EMFs and turkeys can pick up on these. With a hunting suit from HECS®, you can completely cancel out your EMFs. We provide camouflage suits, headcovers, and gloves that feature our carbon grid technology for your turkey hunt. Get your HECS® Stealthscreen gear in time for turkey season and experience the hunt as you’ve never done before.