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Hunters are always looking for that edge that makes them a better hunter and helps them to have a successful season. A good duck and goose hunt not only bags the birds they are after, but do so with respect. A good hunter will also look for ways to enjoy their hunt, build their skill and fill their freezer. Our clothing allows hunters to encroach closer into the spaces where the birds are gathered and maintain a high level of undetectability.

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How HECS® Tech Works to improve your Waterfowl Hunt

Muscle movements produce an electrical energy radiation that waterfowl can detect. This energy, called EMR, inhibits your ability to get closer to wildlife. HECS® is the only technology available on the market that blocks your energy and prevents wildlife from sensing your presence. We have patented the technology and created a highly conductive interlocking carbon fiber grid specifically designed to block your electrical energy radiation. This grid is woven directly into all HECS® fabrics. The result is a lightweight, breathable and durable fabric that provides the most effective gear for getting closer to waterfowl.

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Improve Waterfowl Hunts with HECS® camouflage

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Hunters of waterfowl, like ducks and geese, occupy a small percentage of hunters when looking at the sport as a whole. There are approximately 1 million waterfowl hunters in North America, a fraction compared to big game hunters. Part of that has to do with the natural habitat of ducks and geese being condensed and the season short, so the competition can be high. Another factor has to do with the equipment needed to have a successful hunt. Hunting ducks and geese is a gear-intensive sport, so making sure you have the correct equipment for the type of bird you’re seeking and the environment you’re hunting them in is essential. Hunting waterfowl takes a great amount of patience and perseverance. There are several ways to hunt birds, all of which can be markedly improved with the use of HECS® technology.

As their name suggests, waterfowl are found in water most of the time. Geese and ducks must have open water to feed, loaf and roost on. Wetlands and marshes are the best places to hunt waterfowl, so blending into this terrain is essential to the success of your hunt.

A successful hunt begins with scouting an area that is either frequented by birds or historically known as a feeding ground. Traditional waterfowl hunters use a blind to conceal themselves and employ decoys to lure in their prey. Duck blinds are often set up over water or an agricultural field that the birds frequent. Decoy birds are spread throughout the area and mimic the natural behavior of the animal. The skilled hunter will use duck and goose callers to further entice the birds into the area.

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Avoid Detection with HECS® Camo for Waterfowl Hunting

Because waterfowl are skittish prey, dedicated individuals will do as much as possible to hide in plain sight when hunting. A duck blind only covers so much, therefore a hunter must also wear camo to remain hidden. HECS® Stealthscreen apparel is the perfect camouflage clothing for duck hunters because it blocks the body’s electromagnetic radiation emissions. This exclusive HECS® technology means ducks, geese and any other prey cannot sense the hunters, so hunters can get closer to their targets and remain unnoticed. This close proximity makes for a better waterfowl hunting season.

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HECS® technology works equally well for those who prefer jump-shooting because the hunters can sneak in closer to the ducks before they take flight. Our duck hunting camo allows the hunter to enter deeper into the bird’s area and shoot just as the flock takes flight. HECS® gear works in all waterfowl hunting terrain so no matter if you stalk creeks, marshes, ponds, shorelines, or fields, our Stealthscreen clothing will diminish the body’s EMR output and keep you hidden.

It is difficult to learn to hunt waterfowl on your own, so you will do better and improve faster if you are taught by a veteran waterfowler. Not only can they show you the ropes, but you also benefit from their years of experience. When you hunt in groups and share your wetlands with others, HECS® technology can be used by each member to ensure a successful goose or duck hunt.

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Best Performing Waterfowl Camo

Hunting waterfowl requires a lot of gear and a novice can easily become overwhelmed when it comes to the hunting essentials. Aside from a gun and ammunition or a bow and arrows, the next most importing item a hunter needs is good quality clothing and camouflage. HECS® technology is two-fold. Not only does it block electromagnetic radiation emissions, it is incredibly lightweight. Each suit is made from soft, comfortable fabric that is highly functional in the field. It can be worn next to the body or as a shell, and because it is lightweight, there is no added bulk to impede your movement or create excessive noise.

HECS® clothing provides you with a full range of motion with our technology woven into the fabric. Our three-piece waterfowl hunting suit comes complete with a shirt, pants and head cover, which features an electrically conductive carbon grid woven into the polyester base cloth. This unique capability blocks your body’s electrical radiation and allows you to get closer to animals.

The Power of HECS® Waterfowl Camo

Ducks have better vision than dogs and three-times better eyesight than humans, which is another reason learning to hunt ducks and geese is so difficult. Waterfowl can see in full color, and the placement of their eyes enable them to have nearly 360-degree view of their surroundings. We do not yet fully understand waterfowl’s ability to see or sense EMFs (electromotive forces). Research has uncovered the ability birds have to see the Earth’s magnetic fields, which helps them navigate the world as they fly. We don’t know exactly what their other senses are able to detect when it comes to electromagnetic fields. The scientific research done by HECS® helps us to gain a deeper understanding about wildlife. Our Stealthscreen has been put to the test and has shown a huge difference when it comes to hunting waterfowl like ducks and geese.

Imagine how much better your hunt could be if you were not only able to blend into your surroundings and go unseen but go unnoticed as well. HECS® goes beyond camouflage to help eliminate you from the awareness of the animals you are observing. Our technology allows you to get closer to your prey than you ever imagined.

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